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Henlo! My name is Jazmin and welcome to my labour of love, WHAT THE MUTT – a dog accessories label designed for the best mutts and their people! 🥰

Growing up, I've had the good fortune of being surrounded by dogs. I had a pug at 4, beagle at 10 and poodle at 11 – all great pooches that each taught me different things, mostly responsibility and selfless love. Fast forward two decades later and once again my heart was stolen; this time by an 11-month-old beagle looking to be rehomed. Ziggy came into our lives (and home) in April 2017 and the rest, as they say, is history.

Not only is Ziggy the first male dog I've had – and the first I've adopted – he is also the inspiration and muse behind all of our products. You see, Ziggy is a beagle whose nose often takes the lead on walks, and in ALL directions. He also enjoys rolling in mud, splashing about in water, and having a goofy good time, all the time. This means I needed dogwalking gear that are not just soft on my hands and arms (with a 13kg puller in toll), but are also hardy enough to withstand daily stresses and dirt from, well, just being out there. 

Have you ever weaved through aisles of generic pet stores and found that none of the accessories really stood out? #soml Run-of-the-mill and plain looking – really not my cup of tea. I truly believe that accessories are an extension of our personalities so why shouldn't our dogs enjoy the same? With WHAT THE MUTT, we create vibrant, quirky and fun gear that are not just high quality but also stylish and Insta-worthy. 😍

Bringing WHAT THE MUTT to life has been an arduous, process-filled journey, but one that taught me so much. Having started in 2017, over two years+ I've scoured the world (from Asia to Europe) to find manufacturers who could bring my designs and ideas to life – those who could meet my high OCD standards and who are also ethical, have clean facilities and skillful workers. To get to where we are took endless sketches and redesigns plus prototyping; poring through swatches of fabric, webbing materials and hardware; as well as market and factory visits. It was not all smooth-sailing and the frustration is real at times – I am a one-woman show after all – but I wouldn't have it any other way if this means I could present my best to the world and help as many dogs as I can along the way. 

I am so excited for you to experience our products and to have fun with them, IRL and on social, of course. 😉 And I truly hope you and your pooch will enjoy them – look good and feel good at the same time knowing that you played a part helping dogs in need. Two beautiful birds; one stone. ;) 

Jazmin & Ziggy